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ISI behind attack on Cheema: Punjab minister

ISLAMABAD: Punjab’s sitting Law Minister Rana Sanaullah, in his written statement presented before the Umar Cheema Judicial Commission on Tuesday, stated that he was sure on the basis of his knowledge and experiences that the elite intelligence agency, ISI, was involved in abduction, subsequent torture and humiliation of a senior journalist of The News a few weeks back.

Sanaullah, being the chief of all law enforcement agencies of the country’s biggest province, told the Commission in categorical words that if the criminals involved in the shameful incident of abduction and torture were not arrested, no one would remain safe in this country and many citizens will have to face the ordeal as faced by Cheema.

Though the majority of witnesses, including top journalists of the country and senior citizens, attended the proceedings of the Judicial Commission pointed their fingers towards the ISI, Rana Sanaullah even gave the names of senior ISI officials and said if these officials were interrogated, the Judicial Commission will automatically reach the real culprits.

The statement of Sanaullah is being considered as crucially important. He very clearly mentioned as to how all the departments of federal and provincial governments and state functionaries become dormant when this elite intelligence agency launches the Umar Cheema-like operations.

Sanaullah’s statement shows how top police officials, even the likes of Tariq Khosa, who enjoy undoubted reputation and integrity, submit without asking any questions before the illegal and unconstitutional orders of officials of this agency.

In a detailed statement annexed with many documents, including police reports, medical reports and press clippings, Rana Sanaullah revealed that if Major Raja Khalid Pervaiz, ex-station chief of ISI, Faisalabad, Brigadier Aslam Ghuman, ex-ISI chief of Punjab, were arrested and interrogated, he was sure as the Law Minister of the Punjab that the Judicial Commission would reach the real culprits.

Sanaullah gave full details of two incidents which occurred on October 28, 1999 and March 8 and March 9, 2003 in which he was first kidnapped and then subjected to most severe torture and humiliation.

The second incident is completely identical to that faced by Umar Cheema. Rana Sanaullah was tortured till the time he lost his senses, many deep wounds were inflicted on his body and petrol was sprayed on his wounds, his hair was shaved and he was also thrown 20 kilometers away from Faisalabad on a Motorway bypass road.
Source: The News