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Is media fair?

This may be sarcasm and perhaps, that is what it is meant to be, but I think the media has been unfair to this government and its elements given various tasks to handle. Can any journalist in Pakistan realise the pressure of canceling an LPG quota, a daughter and a wife’s job, huge legal assignment fees, perks, foreign junkets and abundance of opportunities, that smile upon you if you are on the right side of those who rule, even if that means abusing the law and flouting judicial orders. Have the media forgotten the days when the descendent of a Pir from Multan had to sell his house and old Suzuki car to pay bills and fee of his children. So what if the son has made a small mistake and given a small quota of 9 tons of a chemical used in making Ecstasy pills that satisfies the ecstasy of hundreds of thousands of our youth eager to have a trip. There was a time when people traveled by horses and there were no railway, airlines, electricity, schools, hospitals etc, so what if we have to live the way our forefathers did. Why should not the family of an elite living in Lahore, but domiciled from Multan, not open a consultancy to facilitate citizens of Pakistan get their jobs done on a speed track by offering a token fee of few crores or lakhs. Who says offering Nazranas to off-shoots of Gadi Nasheens- in waiting is immoral. Our head of state gives such importance to spiritual matters that on the day 135 of our soldiers went missing in Siachen, he went ahead on a trip to pay his respects to a saint popularly known as Ghareeb Nawaz. There is nothing wrong in all this, yet the media is playing foul.

Lahore, April 14.

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