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Internet issues

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Internet is the most amazing gift of the 21st century. It has provided mankind with the blessing of connecting with each other all over the world, turning this earth into a global village. The use of the internet is increasing daily, not only by adults but also by children of all ages. They are using it for playing games, watching cartoons and some also watch movies that require parental guidance but parents now do not care about what their children are doing while sitting in front of a laptop. They believe their children are studying. In this way they access websites not meant for them. This on the one hand wastes their time and on the other affects their personality as they pick up things from the openly accessible websites that will do them more harm than good. In such situations, the internet causes a lot of damage. But on the other hand, the internet has become a strong need for doing business and money transactions from one corner of the world to the other. It also helps people, especially students, to share their knowledge with people all over the world, bringing a great revolution in science and technology. In short, it depends on a person whether he uses the internet as a means for finding something useful with a single click or he uses it for ruining his character and personality.

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