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Inscribing Existence opens at Art Chowk

KARACHI: An exhibition of artworks by Ilona Yusuf and Amena Bandukwala titled ‘Inscribing existence’ opened at the Art Chowk Gallery on Tuesday. Both artists have tried to explore two different themes in contrasting styles.

Ilona Yusuf’s work is to do with the issue of ‘memory and infinity’. Infinity is a subject that has been dealt with by artists from time immemorial, whereas writers, poets and artists have treated memory as one of the most important themes in the 20th century. In that regard, the name of Czech writer Milan Kundera comes to mind.

Amena Bandukwala’s topic is the ‘desire to be understood’. The issue of communication is a complex one. No matter how hard one tries to put one’s message across, it is never fully communicated. This also brings into question the efficacy of words, something which the artist has tried to come to grips with.

The exhibition will continue till April 23.