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Information Technology ordinance soon: minister

ISLAMABAD- The information technology ordinance will be promulgated in the next couple of months which is aimed at comprehensively bridging the gap between education and information technology in the country.

This was stated by the minister for science and technology, Prof Attaur Rehman, while speaking at a seminar on information technology organized by the Foundation for Research on International Environment, National Development and Security.

Mr Rahman said the government was making efforts to improve human resource development in the field of IT. “In order to keep pace with the rest of the world, it is vital that determined and systematic efforts are laid down on crash basis to expand IT education,” the minister said.

Chairman Friends, Gen Mirza Aslam Beg, was of the view that without adequate financial input, the IT industry would not produce the desired results.

He called for a comprehensive package policy as the basic requirement to broaden the middle class base, in order to bring about conducive changes to progress.

Salman Ansari, member IT commission, gave an overview on Pakistan’s IT Policy. He was optimistic that it would make a substantial impact on the economic profile of the nation.

Director General Computer Bureau, Dr Ijaz Khawaja, called upon the authorities to provide more incentives for the trained IT manpower besides, improving the career structure for the IT personnel and their recruitment system.

Brig Abdus Salarn Akhtar, managing director Computer Data Systems, also emphasised the need to produce quality software engineers.

Chairman Pakistan Telecom Authority Mian Mohammad Javed said that the potential to utilize IT for economic benefits in various fields such as education, agriculture, health and, industry were enormous.

Source: Dawn