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Information Technology (IT) city near Karachi planned

KARACHI- The government has planned a new city near Karachi to set up business houses for Information Technology activities to attract foreign investment and boost software exports.

The project namely ‘Karachi Technology City’ has recently been presented to Ministry of Science and Technology for approval and budget allocation by Sindh IT Board.

“The project has to start from scratch and it would be a big achievement, if we succeed in erecting this city on solid grounds rather than on files and proposals”, said a Project Director of Sindh IT Board.

“It is a step further from government’s policy to provide Technology Parks within cities and places where IT entrepreneurs can set up their offices with complete infrastructure and accessories required”, he added. It was learnt that this idea was at an initial stage, as a lot of matters have not been decided yet.

The site of the project has not been chosen so far. Considerations in the minds of government functionaries for setting up this city seem to be that it should be near airport to provide easy access to foreigners.

About hundred square kilometers has been proposed for Technology City, with both residential and commercial sectors. Some special security arrangements would be provided for the city.

IT and Telecom Division of the Ministry of Science and Technology has been asked to make it possible to provide telecommunication and data exchange infrastructure to the city.

It is not clear whether Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) would be able to provide infrastructure for this gigantic project.

The project envisages private sector partnership by the government in setting up brick and mortar for the city.

This huge project can attract lot of economic activities in the country.
Source: The News