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Indian media propaganda New Delhi’s policy: Sethi

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LAHORE: The Indian media resorts to anti-Pakistan propaganda on the directives of New Delhi but it cannot sustain for long, said senior analyst NajamSethi in Geo News programme ‘AapaskiBaat’ on Sunday.

The Indian media, he said, tried its best to prove the boy arrested in Kashmir as a Pakistani but it had been revealed that he was from the disputed state. India opted to the practice for pressurising Pakistan before the upcoming national security adviser-level talks so that Islamabad could not raise the issue of Indian interference in Fata, Karachi, Kashmir and Balochistan during the meeting, he added.

According to Sethi, the India media had previously levelled the baseless allegation of slitting the throats of Indian soldiersagsainst the Pakistani troops without any proof. On the other hand, the Indian soldiers had slit the throats of Pakistanis in Kargil the evidence of which is provided by a journalist from India.

Similarly, India bombed a fishermen’s boat, claiming that it was transporting terrorists from Pakistan. The Indian media repeated the allegation for a week but bothered about tendering an apology after one of their navy officials shared the true story. Same is the case with the Gurdaspur episode.

Sethi said it was possible that the Indian spy agency RAW carried out terror activities itself only to launch propaganda against Pakistan. Afzal Guru – whose case was also of the same nature – was an informer of Indian police and he had been used by India to malign

Pakistan only to be hanged later, he added.

According to Sethi, India cannot stop Pakistan from highlighting the terrorism issue as it concerns the entire world. New Delhi is not participating in the parliamentary conference of Commonwealth while using the Held Kashmir assembly’s representatives as an excuse. How can Pakistan invite the Held Kashmir assembly when it does not accept the region as part of India; hence Islamabad’s position on the issue is justified.

About the child abuse case, Sethi said according to his sources, such cases were not a new thing in Kasur. Occurrence of these incidents in rural areas wasn’t something extraordinary and everyone knew about the cases of child abuse, he added

According to Sethi, these incidents have been happening there since 2008 and some people started making videos of sexual assault in 2010 followed by blackmailing. Locals are not reporting the incidents to escape disgrace. The accused who have been arrested are low-ranking government employees. Some group is behind raising the issue in a very systematic manner as it lodged a complaint with the police but later leak the story to media and started protest after failing to get the desired objectives. Some reports suggest it is a result of some land dispute.

Sources say a party, which bought 95-kanal of state land on nominal price, is now arrested on the charges, meaning that there was some local clash. Some retired officers involved in land business in the border areas have stake in the matter.

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