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Imran-Sethi duel on social media heats up

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ISLAMABAD – The tug of war between PTI Chief Imran Khan and journalist-turned PCB Chairman Najam Sethi has once again intensified but this time the battle field is social media.

After locking horns with the PTI chief, the journalist-turned cricket manager finally presented himself as a substitute to one of the major political parties of the country.

“I am better educated, have more organisational/political experience and pay 100 times more tax than Imran Khan. I deserve PTI and IK deserves PCB,” said Sethi in his latest tweet on Monday.

The response was a searing retort to Khan’s tweet where he termed Najam Sethi responsible for the bad affairs in the cricket board.

“Najam Sethi must also bear responsibility for PCB mess. He has no cricket credentials to head PCB but was appointed as reward for rigging help,” he wrote in his tweet.

The tweet went viral and was re-tweeted 674 times and 922 users clicked it favourite, just after it was posted.

Khan in his earlier two tweets, on same day, suggested changes in domestic cricket. In his second tweet Khan said, “Now Pak cricket has hit rock bottom and PCB Chief and former ICC chief Mani also pointed out that domestic cricket structure needs overhauling.”

In his first tweet, he wrote, “Since 80s I have been saying Pakistan’s domestic cricket structure is deeply flawed and needs to be overhauled, this was first episode from Khan on the subject.”
Analysts believe journalist, publisher, TV personality and former Marxist, Najam Sethi, takes great care in what he says and how he says it.

Just before the May 2013 general elections, he became the consensus choice of the left-liberal Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and the centre-right Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) to become the caretaker chief minister of the country’s largest province, Punjab.

After PML-N government coming into power, it appointed 65-year old Sethi as interim head of cricket board, a position allegedly given in reward to his rigging in elections.

Since then PTI has been accusing Sethi for rigging elections while Sethi has been hurling accusations on PTI chief.

Sethi has been criticizing PTI in his TV talk shows, which is quite famous among rightists and leftists equally. Hhe has already served legal notices to PTI along with others, but this is first time when he has come out with a clear one to one rivalry with the PTI chief. Is something being cooked up or Sethi has just lost his temper, no one has any clear answer.
Social media is divided: there are a lot of bloggers who are tweeting in favour of Sethi, whereas the number of Khan’s die hard lovers is also quiet large, who are defending him? with passion.

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