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Imran inventing allegations against Jang Group

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ISLAMABAD: A Jang Group spokesman said Saturday that Tehrik-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan was daily inventing allegations against Geo/Jang Group.

He said today Imran came out with fresh allegation that Jang Group is being given millions in shape of ads by the government. The spokesman asked Imran when before elections other parties including PPP, PML-N, JUI, ANP and MQM were blaming Geo for favouring Imran and his party, how many ads they had given to Jang Group. He asked Imran to present proofs in this regard.

The spokesman said people of Pakistan would see that all these allegations against the Jang Group were nothing but a lie.

The spokesman also informed Imran Khan that the province under his party’s rule was also giving ads to Jang Group.

He said during the 5-year tenure of the last regime despite its magnitude the Jang Group received ads equal to nothing. It also lost ads during the regime of Pervez Musharraf. Geo network also remained closed for three months. The government ads to Jang Group were also stopped before that and Income Tax department was also pressurized to issue notices on fake pretexts.

The spokesman said many governments leveled charges similar to what Imran was leveling now. He said Imran has not got power yet and is doing what the rulers have done to the Jang Group. “God save us; it cannot be imagined what he will do when he gets power.”

The spokesman said for the sake of beloved Pakistan Jang Group has sustained losses of billions of rupees because it does not tolerate such things that are against the country, its people and the freedom of press. This is the resolve of the Jang Group, he said, to stand by its journalists and bring to the people what is right and just.

The spokesman said during polls Geo’s Iftikhar Ahmad was in charge of the election cell and one segment in this regard was being supervised by Kamran Khan. “Many a time Imran came to the programme of Iftikhar Ahmad. Why he is not coming to his programme now,” he asked.

The spokesman said Imran Khan should come to Iftikhar’s programme and prove his allegations.

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