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Importance of women journalists highlighted

KARACHI (July 04 2008): The Media Women Publishers and Journalists Organisation held a seminar on Tuesday titled the “The Responsibilities and Limitations of the Media” at a local hotel. The welcome address was given by the President of MWPJO, Fawzia Naqvi. She highlighted the activities of MWPJO and discussed future plans of the Organisation.

Minister for Women Development, Tauqir Fatima Bhutto was the chief guest. The minister emphasised on the importance of women journalists in our society and the part they can play in highlighting burning issues.

Earlier, Sultana Siddiqui, who president of a TV channel, said that the responsibilities and the limitations of the media cannot be separated from each other. She emphasised that people involved with the media must be responsible for their actions.

Erum Masood from a TV channel in the UK talked about how the media abroad enforces self-censorship. She added that it was very important for the media to keep the national interest of the country in focus always.

The next speaker Ikram Sehgal highlighted the fact that ‘the media is the fourth pillar of the state’ and it has a checking function to perform. Despite this, the media continues to sensationalise. PJ Mir said that media seems to be harping on the same non-issues and that we have not kept our national interest in mind.

The last speaker at the Seminar Mr Majyd Aziz said that the “Freedom of expression has a lot of responsibility. He said that the readers and viewers do get various aspects of the news and can make their own judgements. He said that media should restrain itself as much as possible as freedom of expression also has its limits.
Source: Business Recorder