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Importance of responsible reporting highlighted

LAHORE: Stressing the need for more security and protection while in field, senior journalists and media persons have called for responsible and accurate reporting, especially in the domain of investigative reporting.

The journalists were attending a media workshop organised by Individualland, a non-partisan consultancy in collaboration with Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung fur die Freiheit. A group of eminent field reporters observed that investigative reporting with a responsible approach was the need of the hour. The group deliberated at length the state of investigative reporting in Pakistan and quoted many personal stories where the reporters had to face tremendous internal and external pressures.

The reporters observed that workload and office pressures left them with little time to pursue investigative pieces, however, despite the odds the media persons were carrying out their duties with zeal and vigour. The matter of security and protection in the field while pursuing reporting on terrorism was also discussed at length. The group observed that Pakistan was declared the most dangerous place for the journalists as the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists cited that more than 31 journalists had been killed in the line of duty ever since this war on terror started. Lack of proper security and absence of life insurance for most of the journalists had rendered the reporting in the conflict areas almost an impossible task.

Apart from the conflict zone, the group observed, there were places like Karachi and Balochistan where journalists were being killed and no one so far had been apprehended.
Source: Daily Times