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Impact of Muslim Civilisation on the West’: Media urged to counter anti-Pakistan propaganda

ISLAMABAD: National Assembly Deputy Speaker Faisal Karim Kundi on Sunday urged media and intellectuals to play their role against anti-Pakistan propaganda by some elements in the West.

Kundi was addressing a media conference titled “Impact of Muslim Civilisation on West”, arranged by a non-governmental organisation at National Art Gallery.

“Islam is a religion of peace and Pakistanis are a peaceful nation, but some western elements are propagating negative views against them,” he said, adding, it is the duty of media and the intellectuals to nullify this propaganda.

He said in the past the West took benefit from the Muslim scholars, scientists and intellectuals and adopted their teachings and findings to attain an impressive stature in the comity of nations. He said even today one could find “Omar Laws” in Norway, which were introduced by Caliph Omar hundreds of years ago.

He lamented that the West achieved development by using research of Islamic scholars and scientists but Muslims left it. He said Pakistanis loved democracy and sacrificed for it in the past. He paid rich tributes to Benazir Bhutto who gave her life for restoration of democracy in the country.

He said Pakistanis were tolerant people and Islam was the first religion, which actually gave the lesson of tolerance.

Federal Minister for Social Welfare and Special Education Samina Khalid Ghurki said although the West claimed that it gave the rights to women, but actually Islam gave equal rights to women 1,400 years ago. She said the Muslims were very tolerant except a small number of people labeled by the West as extremists.

Writers and columnists Attaul Haq Qasmi and Munno Bhai also addressed the conference. Bhai said Spain inherited the hospitality and building architecture from Muslims. He said the East needed to benefit from the scientific developments in the West.

Other speakers said although the West took benefit from the Muslims in 10th centaury, but the Muslims had forgotten the rules and principles of their ancestors.

Source: Daily Times