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Illiterate Scholars

By: Wajid Ali Khan

Pakistan is blessed with weird and wonderful, the phenomenon is not restricted to natural beauty of Pakistan, but it is evident in its culture and its people. How was it possible that the Journalistic community could be spared of this phenomenon? This community more than any other community or group has its unequal share of the weird compared to the beautiful. Some are extremely corrupt, some extremely biased and some are extremely fallacious. Only a very small minority from Journalistic community in Pakistan, counted on one’s fingers can be classified as balanced and knowledgeable.

PTI friends and supporters may be very unhappy from me, but I have to write and express my feelings truthfully. One person stands out from the crowd, not because of his ingenuity and intelligence but because of his obnoxious nature. The dilemma of Pakistan is people like Hassan Nisar are presented as scholars on Pakistani media. A country where people like Nisar are called scholars and Sheikh Rashid with his crude style of conversation draws more ratings than most, then there is no doubt that country suffers a) from image problem b) from the dearth of talent, as Pakistan is at the moment.

Pakistan is near to the destruction and collapse but no one cares, absolutely no one. Its people are still electing a corrupt son of a corrupt politician in a by election. Pakistan had it coming for years, but the brainless had their heads buried in the sand. Wake up nincompoops, smell the coffee, your country is falling apart right in front of your eyes, for heaven’s sake do something about it.

Hassan Nisar for ages is abusing Pakistanis and Muslims by twisting history. After watching his verbosity in the talk shows, intelligent, educated and conscientious people just cannot take the smile off their faces. If one looks at what had happened in Pakistan over the decades, and how Pakistani society is crumbling as a whole, then it is fair to say Pakistan deserves people like Nisar.

Recently, an anchor Farheea Idris let off a little firecracker by suggesting to a disgruntled voter who was refusing to vote in next elections, she should use “Faal” to select whom she should vote. When anchors of TV programs are so highly original and suggest such unique methods of voters exercising their choices, Pakistan deserves what it is getting.

In another program Hamid Mir had a dig on two doctors; he claims one of them also tried his hand as a civil servant in Customs, before becoming TV anchors. It is quite a practice in Pakistan to point finger of blame without mentioning names, keeping with the practice Mir failed to mention the names of his intended targets Dr Shahid Masood and Dr Moid Pirzada. When Pakistani journalists are going to muster enough courage to name names!

When I read or hear such attacks from TV anchors or writers, I just cannot control my smile on the dishonest practices of these so-called media Moguls. They claim they are changing Pakistan, but reality is they don’t have the courage and honesty to even utter names of the people they attack. If it was one off, it could be ignored, but it is a common practice in Pakistan at the moment. We see examples of such attacks almost daily in newspaper columns and in talk shows.

A while back I wrote an email to Nisar challenging him for written or verbal debate, after listening to his never ending attacks on the intelligence of the Muslims and him butchering Islamic history. The self-styled scholar didn’t respond. We shouldn’t expect responses from people who live in their own cocoons and glass houses. We know how much love Nisar has for Islam and Muslims, after seeing him appearing on TV screens in drunken state. At least Nusarat Javed, another drunkard, admits he is half Muslim like Ghalib. In the west, the darling of Nisar, people are sacked if they appear drunk on their normal duties, let alone appearing drunk on TV screens more than once. Pakistani media is a Harlot who sells herself for better ratings and advertising revenues and let these so-called anchors and scholars abuse the trust of Pakistani nation at their will.

The biggest problem with Pakistan is that in every field from politics to Journalism it is filled with incompetent and illiterate people who wouldn’t last long in a civilised country. Illiterate doesn’t mean someone who hadn’t been to a school. Many Pakistanis hold degrees but when you listen to them you start wondering about their education. Nisar’s mannerism, his hatred and purposeful distortion of Islamic history, his slave mentality towards west, the way he addresses his opponents and Pakistani public at large, oozes with lewdness and idiosyncrasy.

In one of his recent articles in Jang, he had gone down on the beaten track to bash “Zionism”, while pretending the west is blameless. Many far more intelligent people than Nisar have written about Zionism. Not surprisingly, Nisar has picked some selected paragraphs from preface and introduction of the translation compiled by Marsden. God bless us all, what would we do, if he decided to go through the whole book! He is planning to write more articles on this book. What next, the Book of Law by Aleister Crawley, transmitted to him by an entity known as “Aiwass” over the course of three fateful nights in April 1904!

Would he write about the role of the western governments who are the real conduit to implement the policies of the “Zionists” which he is trying to bash!

There is no hope for Pakistan, if this is the intelligence level of its intelligentsia, and if Pakistanis continue on such misguided paths. Pakistan is doomed because these so-called analysts and scholars can never provide solutions to Pakistan’s problems. They are simply incapable. There is no better example and proof of their failure, then the condition of Pakistani society at present. Breakdown of Pakistani society at all level tells us the story of colossal failure of Pakistani press both written and broadcast.

Recently bloggers produced evidence and proofs of Sana Bucha plagiarising from “The Economists”. If that was not enough, the same media group published a front page piece to declare charlatan and con merchant Aamir Liaquat not only as a doctor, but as a “Scholar” of Islam. Geo paid a hefty price to lure this counterfeiter from their competitor. Not only are they publishing front page advertisements disguised as news, but sweeteners of prominent management positions within the organisation are offered to Aamir Liaquat. In Pakistan sharpies and swindlers sell well and get the best prices, while competent and educated languish in poverty and despair.

The coverage by prominent Pakistani channels during this Ramadan is proven to Pakistanis diaspora around the world that Pakistani media is now treating the holy month of Ramadan as a “Cash Cow”, which produces millions to the coiffeur of the TV owners. Lavish and some may argue over the top programs on ARY and GEO hosted by such infamous people like Aamir Liaquat, Maya Khan and Shahid Masood provides proves that Pakistani media is now determined to destroy the spirit of Ramdan too for monetary gains. My fears are that sooner or later they would turn it in to the spectator of American evangelism, if they have not already achieved it.

Something is fundamentally wrong with Pakistan and its intelligentsia, looking at how Pakistani media glorify Indians and Indian culture daily and obsessively. Indians are famous for stealing ideas from around the world. Their movies and scores for songs are stolen from world over. And what is so damn appealing in Indian culture, apart from nudity, baseless overt propaganda against Muslims and against Pakistan in particular! How foolish a nation is Pakistan to show Indian movies which portray Pakistanis as terrorists and humiliate them insanely!

We also receive constant reminders from Pakistani media and participants on TV programs, how great Indian democracy is, and how intolerant is Pakistani public compare to the Indians. It would be really beneficial for these pundits to look at the comparative statistics.

Pakistan is suffering constant outside interferences, Pakistanis compelled to live in war like situation for over three decades. Still its record in certain fields including religious tolerance is far better than India.

Some Pakistanis make a heroine out of people like Asma Jahangir, even though she takes pride in dressing in the colours of fanatical Hindus when meeting their leaders. She pays her respect in Indian Hindu style to the pictures of Indian heroes. Recently after hearing the news of resumption of cricket ties between Pakistan and India, her idol Thakery’s Shiv Sena had issued their customary warning to Pakistani cricket team. We didn’t hear a word of condemnation from the champions of democracy and civil liberties in Pakistan against the India fanatics. I am sure Asma and her likes would have jumped to the defence of the Indians immediately if someone from Pakistan had uttered something like her idol and his organisation constantly does.

In India she wouldn’t have survived in the public eyes, if such pictures of her were taken on her visits to Pakistan, or she supporting the causes of Pakistan rather than her own country.

Kashmala Tariq criticised Pakistanis in her recently released telephone conversation with Hamayun Akhtar, describing how fantastic she felt in her recent tour of India. How Indian men don’t ogle at the women like Pakistanis do. Mainstream Pakistani media completely ignored this conversation between two prominent Pakistani politicians as insignificant. The self -righteous Parliamentarian forgetting about her just concluded slimy hot session with her colleague, which shows the real faces of the hypocritical elites of Pakistan. For Pakistani media such degradation and destruction of social values was of no consequences, they treated it as a personal matter between two people. Even in the west if two politicians were exposed publically, no matter if it were on social media, they would have been held to account. Reprimands even sensors, fines and extreme cases suspensions are given to many sportsmen in the UK for comments and contents on social media.

Kevin Pietersen has lost his slot in the England team because of his alleged text messages to some South African players. Responsible nations make sure that standards in public lives are maintained at all costs. Any slip in standards should be punished irrespective of the personalities involved.

On her twitter page Kashmala denied the conversation to be genuine, exactly like Aamir Liaquat did when compilation of his remarks was released on alternative media. Shame for the hands movements though, which were completely in sync with the audio. In the later part of the recorded telephonic conversation Kashmala receives a call and gave her mobile telephone number to the caller, mentioning she has just returned from India. Would it surprise anyone, if Kashmala claims the rest of the conversation is genuine except the saucy and raunchy bits! Ridiculous should be the second name of Pakistanis.

Pakistan is a rudderless country, where its own citizens openly work against its interests. They don’t only get away with it, but are rewarded by their supporters for standing against Pakistan’s interests.

After watching such largesse the only plausible conclusion could be, Pakistan’s destruction is imminent. A society which stoop so low and lose the difference between right and wrong cannot survive for long.

A country which glorify and rewards the proletarians, finaglers, con artists, snitches, sleaze merchants as their politicians, Journalists, businessmen, bureaucrats, it cannot survive in the League of Nations. In a country where people who opposed its identity, its existence, its formation, its unity are given prominent positions, albeit it in politics, in the media, in its public life, that country ceases to exists sooner or later. Pakistanis have not learned their lessons from their past troubles and creation of Bangladesh. If they don’t change now they never will. In that case the destruction is pretty much guaranteed.

In Pakistan, foxes are guarding the proverbial henhouse.