Illegal SIMs selling like peanuts -
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Illegal SIMs selling like peanuts

Pakistan Press Foundation

Illegal activation of SIMs continues in Pakistan. Still despite claims by the Interior Ministry and the companies concerned, SIMs are sold at every corner of the street, pan shop, general store, and road-side kiosks. That a SIM must be sold only at the business center of an authorized franchise of the company remains a forlorn dream. Again, these so-called ‘Authorized Retailers’ are just a name given to a mobile shop or PCO or worse even a kiosk. Such ‘shops’ do not have anything at stake, and they are willing to sell a SIM to anyone for the small profit they get.

If PTA and government are really serious to stop this sordid business, then the best way would be to ensure that SIMs are not sold by any Tom Dick or Harry that is on kiosks, general stores and on roadside Pakora stalls.

We must also understand that this is a very crucial step towards curtailing terrorism as the terrorists openly use illegal SIMs for communication as well as blowing up bombs. All cellular companies should comply for their own benefit, but the government and the PTA need to put their foot down, and initiate a crackdown against all such operators.

We are now looking up to our Interior Minister, who is quick to shut down networks but cannot get a simple law implemented.


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