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Icons of Art: A variety of masterpieces under one roof

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KARACHI: When it comes to art, one cannot define where imagination ends. It can be a step ahead or may be miles and miles away. A wide variety of artworks of master artists was displayed under one roof at the Artscene Galleries on Thursday.

Art lovers flocked in to view the group exhibition, which was a collaborative project of the Artscene Galleries and Ejaz Art Gallery. Works of at least 17 artists were displayed at the show, varying from landscape to calligraphy. Each painting offered something unique in its own style.

Art exhibition: A profusion of colours

“Every art[work] should be promoted,” said Swiss consul-general Emil Wyss. “It’s not about how much interest you find in a piece of art, but how uniquely it has been shaped into a master piece.”

A stroll around the gallery left visitors awe-struck as the walls donned masterpieces by famous painters. The event commenced with the ribbon-cutting ceremony by consul-general Wyss, followed by an enthusiastic speech.

“Pakistan has a beautiful and diverse culture and we all really appreciate and value art in Pakistan,” said Wyss. “For me, art has no boundaries and it doesn’t belong to a specific community or nation. It’s for all of us.”

Art lovers from across the city were happy to be at the show. “I am a huge fan of Khalid Iqbal and Ismail Gulgee and I must say that my memories have been refreshed by looking at these paintings,” said a visitor, Ramzan Shad.

The blazingly-coloured painting of Ahmed Parvez captured the viewers’ attention. What followed was Gulgee’s splendid collection, which was loud about the thought process and imagination behind the painting. “I am an artist myself and it’s amazing to see such excellent work being promoted as well as liked by our people,” said Chitra Pritam. “I just want to say that these are the real genius minds.”

The luxury of exhibitions: Artwork with no place to go

“Ab wo zamane gaye [Those times have gone now],” said a veteran artist, Shahid Afzal. “In our time, there was immense love for art and everyone knew its actual worth. Although it’s not much appreciated now, I think Artscene Galleries have proven that art is still alive somewhere.”

Ismail Gulgee

Artist Shakeel Siddiqui was quite appreciative of the works. “It’s a good effort,” he said. “No painting ever dies or gets old. Every time you look at them, they will represent a different message. There should be more of such exhibitions to remember these master pieces.”

Another young artist, Salman Farooqi, said, “When I started painting around 15 years back, there was no art gallery, nowhere to promote your work. But now it’s easy and all the credit goes to galleries like Artscene.”

The exhibition will continue till November 12.

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