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I.H. Raashed — a legacy to look up to

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LAHORE: Speakers at a condolence reference paid rich tributes to veteran journalist and selfless trade unionist I.H. Raashed here on Friday, stressing the need for following the examples set by him in leading the community honestly.

The reference was organised by the Lahore Press Club during which speakers mentioned how the late journalist continued to fight for the rights of his community and freedom of the Press without seeking any material reward.

Pakistan’s leading journalist and rights activist I.A. Rehman said I.H. Raashed was an honest journalist in the real sense of the term. He used to write his stories in a professional manner, leaving no room for any objection from any quarter.

He would always be dispassionate while filing his stories. He initially was liberal but later became religious. But despite this his writings never reflected his bent of mind, recalled Mr Rehman.

He said I.H. Raashed held many important positions but never exploited them for the benefit of his family or children because he was selfless and not a professional trade unionist. “He lived and died in honour which is a real achievement,” Mr Rehman said.

He expressed hope that the community would emulate the example set by the late journalist.

Former federal minister S.M. Zafar said I.H. Raashed was a selfless crusader of the rights of journalists. “Such people continue to live in the hearts of people. He was truthful in his writings which were unadulterated. He would say only truth without caring for its consequences.”

He said the journalist community required a code of conduct which they could frame only by emulating the life of I.H. Raashed.

Senior journalist and trade unionist Hussain Naqi said Raashed was a leading member of the Pakistani society, who worked all his life for the rights of his community and people in general. He was a member of the team of leading journalists like the late Minhaj Barna and the late Nisar Osmani, who witnessed the creation of Pakistan and gave a right direction to journalism in the country.He said like other members of the pioneering team, Raashed believed in ensuring an honourable wage structure for workers and freedom of the Press and civil liberties.

Raashed was a truthful person. Every one would trust in what he said. He was a man of principles who never exploited his position for personal gains. He was among some very good role models for the journalist community, Mr Naqi said.

Lahore Press Club President Arshad Ansari said I.H. Raashed had deep love for his community and used to guide it on all occasions despite his old age.

Labour leader Khurshid Ahmad recalled how the veteran newsman used to take interest in the struggle for the rights of workers and of his own community.

Lawyers Manzoor Gilani and Raja Zulqernain, and journalists Raja Aurangzeb, Qamarullah Chaudhry, Khawar Naeem Hashmi, Raja Jalil Akhtar and Bakhtgir Chaudhry also spoke.