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“I did nothing wrong”, says freed journalist

Journalist Khawar Mehdi Rizvi was released from prison in Quetta on March 29, by order of the local anti-terrorist court, though he will be on bail and must still appear in court to face charges of “conspiracy” and “sedition.”

He said he had not broken the law and had simply done his job as a journalist. He was greeted outside the prison by his brother, his lawyer and others journalists.

Speaking to Reporters Without Borders, he thanked everyone, especially fellow journalists, who had campaigned for his release since he was arrested in mid-December and accused of faking a report about armed Taliban activities along the Afghan border.

He said he now knew the true value of press freedom and wanted to more energetically continue his work as a journalist. All the charges against him were false. He had simply wanted to tell the public the truth.
Source: RSF