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Human rights mockery

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HUMAN rights and democracy go together but unfortunately we do not have a good story to tell about the enforcement of fundamental rights enshrined and guaranteed in the constitution.

Nothing practical is being done to promote education, health, hygiene, fight against crime, undertake rural development, alleviate poverty alleviation, advance access to housing and basic services.

So much so that the number of girls attending primary, secondary and tertiary education has not improved in my home province Sindh.

Is this not a mockery of those rights enshrined in the constitution?

In this sorry state of affairs where there is frequent abuse and denial of fundamental human rights in the country, human rights activists, lawyers, academics, civil society organisations and others, etc. should come forward to advance fundamental human rights enforcement, both qualitatively and quantitatively in the country.

In this backdrop, our courts should continue to give liberal interpretation in matter of enforcement of fundamental human rights that come to the courts so that a Pakistani society free from aggressive human rights abuse and injustices could be attained.

Hashim Abro


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