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Human Rights Commission starts functioning

LAHORE: Human Rights Commission (HRF) has started functioning all over the country.

The reports of the serious crimes from all over the country have been reported at head office of the foundation situated in Lahore. The representatives and members will take action after careful observations.

A married woman kidnapped, nine year old girl married, a married woman gang raped, and four years minor girl raped.

RAHIMYAR KHAN: A woman kidnapped. According to details, Nazir Hussain a residential of Sadiq Abad has informed HRF by telephone that his wife was kidnapped by M Sharif, M Qasim, M Hashim and Sultan in the absence of her husband. Nazir had registered FIR against these four persons two months ago but police did not take any action. He appealed the HRF to help him so that he could get his wife and son back.

GILGIT: A nine year minor girl was married forcefully in revenge. According to details, Hashmet a residential of District Astor has informed HRF that his nine year old niece was forcefully given the custody of the girl by jirga to the other party who blamed them of their girl’s kidnapping. He appealed to the foundation to save him with this cruel action. HRF will discuss the matter in its weekly meeting.

KHANAWAL: A minor girl of four has been raped by twenty year old boy. According to details , Chaudhary Abdul Rahim informed HRF by his cell 0313 6151082 that a four years old girl Iqra daughter of M Yousaf was raped by twenty year old boy. The accused party was threatening the poor man of dangerous consequences. The representatives and the members of HRF from Multan city have chosen the case for further action and discussion.

JHANG: A married woman gang raped, police denied to register the case. According to details, Rafiq’s wife Azra Sultana was kidnapped and than rapped. Rafiq’s brother informed HRF by telephone that police were not registering the case saying that she was not virgin so the case could not be registered. The legal advisor of HRF said police argument was not right because rape was a serious crime in any case.
Source: The Post