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HRCP urges govt to extend consular access to Kasab

LAHORE: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) on Friday urged the government of Pakistan to extend consular access to the lone surviving gunman of the Mumbai terrorist attacks, Ajmal Kasab.

The HRCP also asked the government to arrange a proper legal defence for him. In a statement issued by HRCP Chairwoman Asma Jahangir, she regretted that one of the perpetrators of the Mumbai carnage was confirmed as a Pakistani, but commended the government for facing this unpleasant reality.

The statement said a denial would only have eroded the government’s credibility and would have soured relations between Pakistan and India possibly leading to a war. “It is the right of every individual to have consular access and to have proper legal assistance, regardless of the accusation against the detained person. The HRCP will contact human rights organisations in India to ensure that Ajmal Kasab has legal defence as well as a fair and transparent trial,” the statement said.

Source: Daily Times