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HRCP says Mengal kept in iron cage

KARACHI: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan has expressed concern over the manner in which the trial of Akhtar Mengal is being conducted inside the Karachi Central Prison.The Secretary General of HRCP, Mr Iqbal Haider, told Dawn on Monday that Mr Mengal had been forced to sit in an iron cage away from his counsel. “He is being denied even the most basic amenities like bedding and pillow, medical treatment, home food and permission to see his relatives,” Mr Haider said.

It was only on the orders of the ATC judge that a representative of the HRCP was allowed to observe the trial. No newsman or citizen could witness the trial, he said.
“The trial does not fulfill the criteria of justice.” The special prosecutor opposed the HRCP’s request to be allowed to observe the trial. He also opposed Mr Mengal’s request for medical treatment, saying that he was in “a perfect shape”. Quoting Mr Mengal, the HRCP official said the “jail administration has nothing to do with his custody; in fact the Military Intelligence is conducting the trial.” Mr Haider called upon the authorities to allow journalists and Mr Mengal’s relatives to witness the trial.

Source: Dawn