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HRCP calls for neutral election commission

She said that the audit report of army’s budget should be presented in parliament for debate.She said that ties of people of Pakistan and India were old and should be strengthened.She said that because of establishment of ‘jihadi industries’, people had suffered.She accused the rulers of occupying gas resources of Balochistan, but such occupation would not be allowed.She said that election could not improve affairs in the country. She criticised agencies and rulers saying the former were allocated budgets out of public taxes and were working under military.She claimed that human rights violations had increased in the country.She said that political leaders were not allowed to return home and operation continued in Balochistan as rulers killed Akbar Bugti, shattering the image of country internationally.She said that anarchy and lawlessness prevailed in the country as agencies had picked up activists of the HRCP and sent them to Guantanamo Bay.Iqbal Haider said that the government was negating teachings of the Holy Quran, Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and the Constitution.He said that under conspiracy oppression against people of Sindh and Balochistan continued to break the provinces away.He accused that the conspiracy had been hatched to use land of Balochistan for attacking Iran.Former MPA Mir Munawar Ali Talpur, HRCP Mirpurkhas leader Kanji Ranomal Bheel, columnist Arbab Nek Mohammad, Faqeer Qaisar Mari, Asghar Narejo, Fatima Baloch and Nazeer Pardesi also spoke on the occasion.Our Badin correspondent adds: In her presidential speech at a seminar “Human rights in Sindh at present time” held here on Sunday, Asma Jehangir said there was little hope of justice to people as they were running from pillar to post against the violations of their rights.She said that people could only get justice after the change of the system in the country.She said that she never believed that elections would be held, and if held, they would not be fair and transparent.She said that if a person in uniform wished to contest elections, he should leave the uniform first and see the results.She said that actually secrete agencies were running the affairs of the country and it was surprising to know from where big budgets the agencies were getting.The HRCP chairperson took note of the plight of under trail prisons in the Badin district jail and stressed the need to take legal measures against the jail staff.She expressed concern over the living condition of prisoners and called upon the government to take corrective steps.A large number of human rights activities,journalists, citizens attended the seminar and presented their problems.Speakers discussed the inhuman attitude with prisoners in Badin jail and discrimination against minorities, scheduled caste, bonded children, labour and pollution of sugar mills.They said that non-Muslim girls were being forced to embrace Islam and solemnize marriages with Muslims.HRCP general secretary Iqbal Hyder said that the commission would bring the national problems regarding violation of human rights before the International Court of Law.He said that if the elections were held in the country, the HRCP would monitor the poll process and any violation of the law would be brought before people.Allah Rakhio Naeem, Hashim Bhurgari and Sajjan also spoke on the occasion.

Source: Dawn