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Honour killing claimed 1,015 lives in 2005

KARACHI, April 28 2006: fifty-eighty people, both men and women lost their lives in 2005 only because they had married on their own will. They were among 10115 people murdered in the same year said a report issued by the Madagaar Help Line database recently.

The report, based on news clippings from twenty-six newspapers of Urdu, English and Sindh languages says that despite the data does not necessarily presents the real picture. According to an estimate, only 10 percent cases of honour killing are reported in the media.

The report says that more than 473 incidents of honour killing were reported from Sindh, 337 from Punjab, 129 from Balochistan and 76 from NWFP during 2005. Those killed included 563 married women, 75 unmarried women, 373 men and 6 children.

In 380 such cases, the perpetrators were never nabbed. In most of the cases, the killers were close relatives of the victims The report says that 146 married women were killed by real brothers, 240 by husbands, 60 by in laws, 11 by real sisters, two by stepsons, one by stepbrother, one by former husband, one by mother and 71 by other relatives.

Whereas newspapers reports about unmarried women show that fathers were the perpetrators in 49 cases, paternal uncles in 33 cases, real brothers in 16 cases and real sister in one case. The 618 of the victims were killed on the charge of indulging in zina and 337 for allegedly maintaining illicit relations. The report said that when attacked, 901 of the victims died on the spot while 5 received serious injuries. 91 of the victims sustained murderous attack. According to the report, in 17 cases victims were found dead but it could not be ascertained how they were killed.
Source: Daily Times