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Honour killing bill termed defective

ISLAMABAD – The Citizens Action Group has rejected the Honour Killing bill passed by the National Assembly on October 26, terming it defective and incomplete. The rejection came during a press conference on October 29.

Speaking on the occasion, Kishwar Naheed, Dr Mohammad Farooq Khan and Naeem Mirza of Aurat Foundation said the bill neither addressed the basic issues of compound ability and the role of state as ‘Wali’ nor it properly defined honour killing.

They said compound ability was actually a licence for honour killing, and was against the teachings of Islam. They said in 99 per cent cases, culprits were absolved by ‘Wali’, who were family members of the victim and the culprit.

“The definition of honour killing was incomplete and narrow,” said Naeem Mirza. “The bill fails to remove the provision for compound ability through compromise and waiver of offence (Qisas and ta’azir),” he said.

Awarding the role of Wali (party) to the state while leaving the power of compound ability (Sulah) with the relatives of the victim would fail to address the issue.

It is a bad beginning. The bill does not address basic issues and is unacceptable. The state and law ministry have deceived civil societies and human right workers by bringing a twisted law to impress the US and to show the world that the government is taking steps to give women their rights, Mr Mirza said.

Dr Mohammad Farooq, a psychiatrist, said honour crimes should be put under Fasad al Ard (those who cause disharmony and destruction in the world). According to Quran, those who cause destruction in the world should be awarded exemplary punishment, he said.

Therefore, honour killings are tantamount to Fasad al Ard, and the perpetrators should not be exempted. The maximum punishment for the crime under Fasad al Ard is death, and the minimum is exile. However, the bill is lenient as it allows exemptions in certain punishments, Dr Khan said.

Source: Dawn