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Honour killing

This is to stir religious leaders in Pakistan to wake up from their deep slumber: please say something about this so-called ‘honour killing’. This is not a religious tenet that anyone should be proud of. As a matter of fact, those who practice it are disgracing Islam especially in the eyes of the westerners who think that such animal practices are condoned by Islam.

Islam came to protect the rights of women which it did and not to make them an object of mockery. This is terrorism against women and therefore, the Government must pass very strict rules to stop it. Those who practice it should be summarily tried and subjected to capital punishment.

There is a famous statement by Jesus. Jesus saw some men ready to stone a woman who, according to them, was involved in adultery. He told them to stop that and then he said: “Anyone who has never committed a sin should throw the first stone”. Nobody could.

Those in Pakistan who are committing these murders should know that they themselves are no sinless angels.
Source: Dawn