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Homage paid to Parwano Bhatti at condolence reference

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HYDERABAD: Speaking at a condolence reference held at the Sindhi Language Authority (SLA) here on Tuesday evening, writers and intellectuals paid homage to poet and journalist Parwano Bhatti, who died on Thursday.

In his presidential speech, noted writer Qazi Khadim said that poets like Parwano Bhatti were rarely born. “He is a big name in journalism and literature and has always been held in high esteem by people,” he said.

Mr Khadim said that Parwano was known more as a poet; there was hardly any mushaira which he did not attend; he always enthralled the audience with his poetry.

SLA chairman Dr Abdul Ghafoor Memon said that Parwano was bold enough to express his views even during the worst dictatorship of General Ziaul Haq and fought for freedom of expression. “He did not believe in grouping or lobbying as he was a simple soul,” he added.

He said Parwano served the Sindhi language, poetry and journalism to create a history.

Noted writer Taj Joyo said that Parwano was a poor man who was rich in his literary work. He wrote around 5,000 stanzas. He urged culture department to publish a book on his works.

He said Parwano struggled against the ‘One Unit’ for which he was rusticated from his school by the Hyderabad commissioner.

Former Hyderabad station director of Radio Pakistan Naseer Mirza said that Parwano was a lovely person who believed in serving people. He was counted among a very few men who served language and literature throughout their life.