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Hindu Marriage Bill among five to get through NA

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Islamabad: The National Assembly (NA) on Monday unanimously passed The Hindu Marriage Bill, The Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Bill and three other bills within a span of few minutes.

The object of the Hindu Marriage Bill, 2016 would provide for solemnization of marriages by Hindu families. The object of the legislation is to codify the law for regulating the marriages and termination of marriages among Hindu families.

However, all the Hindu marriages solemnised before commencement of this Act shall be deemed valid.

According to the legislation, a Hindu widow shall have the right to re-marry of her own will and consent after the death of her husband provided a period of six months has lapsed.

The bill says that it will be lawful for either party to the marriage after expiry of six months from final decision of termination of their marriage.

The object of the Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Bill is to put an end ‘benami transactions and to empower the Government to recover such property.

The legislation intends to prohibit all persons from entering into benami transactions. The bill seeks to ensure that if any person enters into benami transaction in order to evade tax or avoid payment to creditors, the ultimate beneficial owner and persons who abet or induce any person to undertake such transactions suffer rigorous punishment.

Any person found guilty of the offence of benami transaction or holding of benami property shall be punishable for term which shall not be less than one year to extend to seven years with fine which may extend to 25 per cent of the fair market value of the property.

The National Assembly also passed The Islamabad High Court (Amendment) Bill, 2016″, “The Civil Courts (Amendment) Bill, 2016 and the Companies (Appointment of Legal Advisers) (Amendment) Bill, 2016.

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