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Hindu Council seeks committee to prevent violence against minorities

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Karachi: Patron-in-chief of Pakistan Hindu Council and Member National Assembly Dr Ramesh Kumar Vankwani on Sunday proposed establishment of an active committee at federal level under Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif to prevent increased atrocities against minorities as well as to ensure formation of a violence-free society and promote religious harmony.

These suggestions were unanimously endorsed at an urgent meeting called by executive body of Pakistan Hindu Council here that also assigned Dr Ramesh the task to contact other representative parties in this regard.

The meeting was chaired by Chela Ram Kewlani to review mounting atrocities against minorities across the country. Condemnation of brutal killing of innocent Christian couple was exclusively included in the meeting agenda.

In the context of recent kidnapping of Hindu citizens particularly of minor girl Anjali from Dherki Kiran,Nawabshah, and Jeoti from Hyderabad, the participants demanded from the prime minister and provincial chief ministers to implement an effective and practical legislation to protect minority rights, saying that interfaith harmony and Hindu marriage acts were also needed.

Expressing his views, Chela Ram said that oppressed minorities saw a ray of hope with the Supreme Court orders to protect minorities’ rights but unfortunately the state institutes while following their routine negligible approach failed to implement the same, adding that the minorities were still as vulnerable as they were one and a half years ago, as the land mafia was active towards religious places’ occupation and kidnapping of Hindu girls was still happening.

Dr Ramesh Kumar said that the Constitution of Pakistan guaranteed minorities’ rights, adding that Pakistan’s national poet Allama Iqbal was also in support of a welfare state.

Expressing grave concern on the incident of burning alive a Christian couple, Dr Ramesh said that such incidents had created a panic among minorities and increased their sense of insecurity, while the performance of state institutions also became questionable at national and international level.

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