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Hi-tech under-vehicle checking system installed at JIA

KARACHI, September 13 2005: High tech, sophisticated and software-based under-vehicle inspection system has been installed at Jinnah International Airport (JIA) by Airport Security Force (ASF).

After thorough testing, from September 2 to September 10, the system was handed over to the ASF by local representatives of AEI, USA and TeleRadio (Pte) Ltd, Singapore, at a simple ceremony here on Monday September 12.

The state-of-the-art system is now fully operative for the first time at JIA. In order to operate the system, ASF staff got the training by foreign qualified engineers. It is also planning to install the same system at Lahore and Islamabad within a couple of days.

The ‘Under-Vehicle Checking System’ (UVCS), procured by ASF from Singapore, produces a clear and detail colour image of the entire undercarriage for officer’s checking within seconds without use of very slow and inefficient undercarriage stick mirror. This high tech system can also detect explosives hidden in the vehicle within seconds.

With the increasing awareness of global security threats, all enforcement, defence and security organisations around the world have been investing most of their resources in high technological security system to boost their surveillance operation.

Having an effective vehicle screening facility at critical infrastructure such as airports are now vital to many government agencies as it affects the country’s stability and wellbeing. In view of alarming threats to airports and its installations this step of ASF for close scrutiny and monitoring of vehicles was a serious demand of the moment.
Source: Business Recorder