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Here and Now’ goes on display at Lahore Art Gallery

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LAHORE: Exhibition of five contemporary artists titled ‘Here and Now’ inaugurated on Monday at Lahore Art Gallery. Many artists and art lovers were present on the occasion.

The exhibition included art works by Mohammad Ali Talpur, Hasnat Mehmood, Muhammad Zeeshan, Adeela Suleman and Nausheen Saeed. The artists are known worldwide and in Pakistan for specific artwork and unique style. They have participated in museum and other prestigious group exhibitions in India, USA, Australia, UK and a number of other European countries.

Artwork of each artist has been put on display in separate rooms, so in a way the group exhibition, is like five one-person exhibitions of these important artists. These five artists, besides working in their studios, are also involved in art education as Mohammad Ali Talpur, Hasnat Mehmood and Nausheen Saeed are currently teaching at National College of Arts (NCA) whereas Adeela Suleman and Muhammad Zeeshan are teaching at Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture Karachi.

The work displayed at the gallery reflects the ideas, concerns, and issues of current times, as well as a new vocabulary of art, which is international besides being focused on the local situation.

Mohammad Ali Talpur’s works on paper and canvas invite the viewer to concentrate and have a sublime sensation through the intersection of lines and interaction of tones. Hasnat Mehmood in his finely rendered images, derived from art history, comments on the changing world and the impact of globalisation in its aftermath. The global and local elements are found in the works of Muhammad Zeeshan too, in which the artist by recreating popular sacred imagery, connects it to the glorious tradition of miniature art through an emphasis on delicate marks defined painted areas.

In Adeela Suleman’s work, history is invoked to convey current conditions. In her mixed media sculpture on one of the gallery wall along with a painted sculpture, she creates the scene of medieval war. The use of fighting soldiers and other details brings – as well as bridges the gap between times and links violence of present to the violence of past.

Nausheen Saeed, in her fibreglass sculptures, blends the woman’ body with the shopping bag, thus suggesting the status and sate of female being a commodity in our society.

Due to unconventional approaches in the subject and imaginative treatment of material and technique, the exhibition ’Here and Now’ became an impressive and incredible experience for the large number of audience which consists of fellow artists, students, critics, teachers and collectors.

The exhibition will continue till June 22 from 11am to 7pm at the Lahore Art Gallery. staff report

Source: Daily Times

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