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Hadiqa Kiani on working with Abdullah Harris for Wajd

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Having released four tracks from Wajd, sung in a number of languages, Hadiqa Kiani is now gearing up to unleash the fifth song from her six-track EP that made its debut earlier this year.

In the lead-up to the release, a BTS video featuring Hadiqa can be found online in which you can hear bits of the song and the singer speaking on why she chose to sing ‘Chaap Tilak’.

As Hadiqa explains it, this kalaam by Amir Khusrau has been sung by many before her but to her it fit perfectly within the narrative and sonic structure of Wajd.

Beyond the beautiful songs, Wajd also has a very cohesive visual identity, one that has been envisioned by Abdullah Harris.

Speaking to Instep in a lengthy interview, Hadiqa Kiani explained that Wajd belongs to Harris as much as it belongs to her and producer Irfan Kiani.

“Just like Wajd is my baby and Lala’s, it is also Abdullah’s baby,” shared Hadiqa. “He’s a close friend and when we were doing it in the studio he used to sit in on the sessions and listen to the songs. He said it from day one that no one will do these videos except me and took ownership of it. He wanted to conceptualize it visually.”

Shedding light on her fifth release from Wajd, Hadiqa noted, “Unlike the past four videos, in the fifth video, we have done some edits, but that too has been done aesthetically and keeps in line with the philosophy of Wajd, which is organic creation. It has a festive feel to it with a kalaam by Amir Khusrau.”

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