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Govt, media, army must work together for country: Nawaz

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LONDON: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said that the government, media and army must work together for the country to take Pakistan out of the multifarious and serious crises facing the motherland.

Answering a question from ‘The News’ after addressing a conference of investors here, the premier said that all the institutions, including the media and security institutions, had a vital role to play.

“We all have to join hands to move forward. Be it the media or Pakistan’s armed forces, the government or the security institutions, we all will have to work together. Pakistan is surrounded by crises and we have tried to put it back on track since coming to power,” he said.

The prime minister was asked about the Jang and Geo appeal to him and the Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jillani. It was feared that justice, fairplay and impartiality could not be expected from a dysfunctional and weak body like Pemra and that the allegations levelled by the Ministry of Defence were so defamatory, scandalous and serious that an independent Supreme Court Commission should be formed to inquire into these allegations.

The premier said that the Judicial Commission was set up by the Supreme Court of Pakistan on his request to look into various aspects of the attack on senior anchor Hamid Mir. “A commission comprising three judges has been formed; let the commission complete its work to find out the facts.”

Nawaz Sharif appealed to all sides to focus their efforts on Pakistan’s betterment. He said that Pakistan’s industry had halted but now it was running two to three shifts and production was increasing.

“I believe that we have to resolve these matters. We should make matters easy and resolve issues amicably. Pakistan is at such a stage where it faces many difficulties,” the premier said.

He said that it was due to his economic policies that Pakistan would get more than $30 billion of investment in the next a few years.

“This is unprecedented investment, mainly from Chinese and also Pakistani investors. This will boost Pakistan’s energy sector. Pakistan will become a corridor for investment and growth in the region.

We have to understand that almost 3 billion people live in this region. There is so much we can gain and our nation can benefit through our policies,” he said adding that the future of the world lay in this region.

He stressed: “We should not entangle ourselves in these issues. We shall not be distracted.

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