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Government to set up advisory council on information, media development

ISLAMABAD- The Ministry of Information and Media Development has decided to establish an advisory council on information and media development said Information Minister Javed Jabbar.

The main objective of creating the council is to enable the government in general and the ministry in particular to benefit from the experience and the insight of citizens from different fields who can provide independent critical observations.

The council will comprise independent, prominent citizens and specialists from a broad range of disciplines with a particular interest in the field of mass media. The ministry is of the opinion that such a council will facilitate the ongoing process of formulating a formal and written information policy. The government is already using certain elements of an information policy. These elements include strengthening the freedom of press, introducing private and independent electronic media channels, enhancing the professional autonomy to the Pakistan Television and the Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation, facilitating free flow of information, refining existing institutions, establishing new institutions (eg press council), and increasing access of the people to mass media.

The council will meet once every month. The first meeting of the council is expected to take. place in Islamabad on August 10. The members of the council will serve on a voluntary basis and will not receive remuneration. The ministry will bear only their travel and incidental expenses. The minister of Information and Media Development as the convener of the council will represent the government. The secretary of the ministry and the director-general of ISPR will participate as observers.

The ministry intends to invite prominent individuals from the fields of the corporate sector, medicine, education, engineering, information technology, social service, print and electronic media, law and environment.

The terms of reference of the council are: to review elements of the information and media development policy of the government; to contribute to assessments of the implementation of these elements in the context of the government’s aim to promote transparency, good governance and the establishment of enduring and authentic democracy; to suggest specific measures for the improved functioning of media and related organisations under the control of government; and to render advice on ways to improve the role of government in the development of a free, fair and open mass media sector.

Source: The News