Government rejects criticism of media law -
Pakistan Press Foundation

Government rejects criticism of media law

Pakistan Press Foundation

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan, his party leaders and spokespersons on Monday rejected criticism of the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Amendment (PECA) Ordinance 2022 as unwarranted.

A meeting, chaired by the prime minister, said that no one could be vilified now after promulgation of the ordinance. The meeting also decided that the elements indulging in character assassination of the prime minister and other government figures would be taken to task and legal proceedings would be initiated against them.

The political and economic situation of the country was also discussed in the meeting, and the counter-strategy for the opposition’s anti-government movement was thrashed out.

Sources said Imran Khan gave a message of ‘All is well’ regarding the opposition’s campaign for a no-confidence motion. Taking notice of non-participation of ministers in talk shows, Imran said more ministers should go to talk shows and defend the government policy.

According to sources, the federal government decided to adopt a zero-tolerance policy against any character assassination campaign, and decided that legal action would be taken against those involved in vilification of the government figures.

Source: The News

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