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‘Ghussay Vich’, ‘Saaqi E Bawafa’ and Wilderness make it to international festival circuit

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Director-writer Ali Sattar recently released a new music video, a short film to be precise, ‘Ghussay Vich’, in collaboration with RockLite, a music group that is helmed by Rizwan ul Haq (former Vital Signs). Sattar recently took to social media to share that the short film alongside two other recent works, have been shortlisted for festivals across the globe.

“During the current festival run, three of our films got nominated in separate film festivals internationally and at home, within a span of one week,” he posted.

“First, RockLite’s ‘Ghussay Vich’ got selected for SSFC Starzplay Short Film Competition then Saakin’s ‘Saaqi E Bawafa’ got nominated in Music Shorts Film Festival in Denver Colorado, and most recently our short travel documentary, Wilderness, got selected for Zero mm Youth Film Festival – a platform for South Asian filmmakers.”

Instep got in touch with the director to ask how he feels about his shorts and music videos making it to international audiences. He responded, “It feels great. I am grateful. It’s very satisfying, not only because it’s being showcased in different festivals, but also because the global audience will get to see the talent that is encased within these films. Especially ‘Saaki E Bawafa’, I would want the global audience to get to know more about Saakin’s brilliance. I want them to be their fans, from all across the globe.”

He also informed that all three films are completely different from each other. “‘Ghussay Vich’ is sort of a short film/music video about the repercussions of anger and how it impacts people around us. Wilderness is a short travel/exploring doc in Gilgit Baltistan with a surreal, sort of psychedelic treatment to it – almost like remembering a dream. ‘Saaqi E Bawafa’ is altogether a separate journey into mysticism and spirituality,” he shared, adding that he is grateful that the audience will get to see a varied cross section of his work. He also thanked his entire team without whom this recognition wouldn’t have been possible. – Buraq Shabbir

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