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Geo/Jang Group gains sympathy among Baloch leaders, people

Pakistan Press Foundation

QUETTA: Sympathy for the Geo/Jang Group has increased in Balochistan in the wake of the campaign launched against it throughout the country.

Despite all efforts of powerful elements, journalists here are united and demonstrations are also being held for the freedom of the press. The BNP of former Chief Minister Balochistan Akhtar Mengal held demonstrations across the province in favour of Hamid Mir while opposition leader of the JI Maulana Abdul Wassay moved a resolution in the Balochistan Assembly against the attack on Hamid Mir which was unanimously approved by both the ruling and opposition parties. Besides this, leaders of various parties and organisations expressed solidarity with the Geo/Jang Group.

Different columns and editorials were written in favour of Hamid Mir, Jang and Geo in the local newspapers of Balochistan.

In the past, politicians and people belonging to other areas were suspicious of the views of journalists, especially those of the Punjab, but now their attitude is changing. Discussions are held at different levels and it is being said that earlier many Baloch politicians, especially nationalists, were called traitors but it is astonishing to see that today a patriotic journalist Hamid Mir is being declared a traitor. Due to this, anti-federal forces in Balochistan are becoming more powerful.

It is also the subject of discussion that a campaign is being carried out against Jang and Geo for their courageous and bold stand on different issues such as missing persons, the discovery of mutilated bodies and the law and order situation. On the other hand, a campaign is being launched through ‘Tanga’ parties and nameless persons. This campaign does not have any impact on the people.

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