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Geo TV’s apology should be accepted: Sajid Mir

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LAHORE: Ameer Central Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith Pakistan Senator Professor Sajid Mir has said that after the telecast of an unpleasant and contemptuous programme on Geo TV and subsequent apology sought by the channel from the Muslims and the countrymen, the pressure allegedly put by some state institutions resulting in the closure of Geo News and the pressure on cable operators in this regard is extremely inappropriate.

He said, “Though we also have complaints from this channel due to absence of adequate coverage, yet we believe that it is wrong to convert the matter into the conflict between political and journalistic groups. Media houses have their own policies. Every media house has the right to present its viewpoint and expressing its opinion accordingly, but remaining in the limits of religious ethics and those of constitutional and social respect.”

However, making deliberate or unintentional mistake basis for raising hue and cry, converting it into a fight between country’s ideology and geographic borders, and acting upon the policy of ‘kill or die’ was in no way correct, he noted.

Can the exchange of belittling blames, imposition of ‘fatwas’ of blasphemy and disbelief and accusing one another of treason be tantamount to wisdom, religiosity or patriotism, he asked.

“Central Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith Pakistan believes that the biggest sin in the eyes of Allah Almighty is ‘Shirk’, however, if the sinner seeks His forgiveness, He forgives it, which tallies with Allah’s attribute of forgiveness. Likewise, we should also have the courage to forgive one another in this world. Rendering apology is a symbol of greatness, while not accepting one’s own sins was a symbol of pride and ruin,” he opined.

“As the owners of the Jang and Geo and those involved in this unpleasant incident have apologised verbally and in writing, they deserve forgiveness in accordance with the laws of Shariah. We also appeal to those who were hurt by this incident to forgive them,” he remarked.He requested the authorities of the Jang and Geo Group to frame their policies in the light of the Quran and Sunnah.

“The programmes not in line with the Islamic and cultural values and such plays should be replaced with the programmes that encourage religiosity and patriotism. In the same lies our worldly and eternal salvation. The journalistic institutions should make their code of conduct in the light of the verse of Surah Al-Hujaraat that states, ‘O believers! When a ‘Fasiq’ comes to you with news, you should investigate it’. Undoubtedly, Jang Group bears the challenge of a campaign for a reformist agenda. In the past, it started a drive for strengthening the democratic forces and continues with it. It also started a drive for unravelling the corruption of all segments of the society, and the same for independence of the judiciary. It raised voice for recovery of missing persons. It supported the independent judiciary and did not surrender before the big forces. It chanted slogans against dictatorship and for democracy. We believe that the Jang and Geo are national organisations and Trust of the nation. Their example is like eyes and ears. If this Group is suppressed today, tomorrow other media organisations can also come under the threats, which can extend the negative thinking regarding curbs on media. God forbid, democracy might vanish in this manner,” he concluded.

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