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Geo TV will air last episode of ‘Khaani’ tomorrow

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KARACHI: The last episode of Kahani is going to air on Monday at 8 pm on Geo TV and social media is already ripe with discussing the ending and the social issues emerging from it. It’s a mainstream debate. Issue at hand is based on the concept of REPENT. Mir Hadi is ashamed of what he has done. Also, he has accepted his crime for which his father tried every means to save him.
Khaani’s family on the other hand still wants him to be hanged as they don’t trust Mir Hadi’s confessions but despite Khaani being married now, she may have a soft corner as Mir Hadi clearly said in court that his love for Khaani is real but it’s ok if she doesn’t accept as he will not stop loving her till his last breath. Mir Hadi has also admitted to how his father tried to save him and how his parents never stopped him from doing all that he has done throughout his life.

Every new episode of drama serial ‘Khaani’ could very well be the last – there is a climax at every crossroad – but then the story takes a new turn for an extension that leaves everyone anticipating more. No one wants Mir Hadi’s sentence over-turned; everyone wants to see justice being served for the crimes he has committed. ‘Khaani’ has torn fans right in the middle. Realists are demanding that justice be served and Mir Hadi hanged for his crimes, but let’s be honest; there aren’t many realists around right now. They’ve all been overshadowed by Mir Hadi and Feroze Khan fans and they’re the kind that kept sending messages to forgive Mir Hadi.

Producers Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi did the best Khaani has broken all records and ratings have been sky rocketing – call that ‘7th sky rocketing’ – consistently for months; even surviving the embargo on Geo TV channels. “Khaani has broken all records and will be regarded as one of the most successful dramas in history. The consistent ratings of Khaani have exceeded the ratings of any other drama in the history of Pakistani dramas. Khaani has created unparalleled in the history of television in Pakistan. Asma Nabeel wrote an extremely powerful story; Anjum Shahzad is a perfectionist and pays attention to detail. All these elements added up and contributed to the success of Khaani. The drama serial is at a cross road where, rather than obsess over Mir Hadi’s ‘happily ever after’ with Sanam Khan, one is contemplating whether he’ll be convicted or acquitted for the crime he committed.

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