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Geo documentary on marine sciences

KARACHI, April -8,2005: The Department of Marine Sciences, Karachi University, is being contacted by Geo TV for research into its exclusive documentary “Jo Gehrai Main Gaye”.

This is the first documentary of its kind produced by any Pakistan TV channel. In this documentary viewers will see marine life forms never seen before on any South Asian TV Channel.

Footage of “Jo Gehari Main Gaye” includes some creatures that will be witnessed for the first time like the highly poisonous scorpion fish, barracudas, captain fish, colourful parrot fish, and other creatures that are not easily identified. The Department of Marine Sciences of the Karachi University will carry out research on those unidentified creatures.

Abdul Aziz Khan, co-producer of the documentary said, “This is the first Pakistani programme of its kind. So we do not have previous research material and in our country the art of diving is very rare. These were the real hurdles. We go through the research reports by Pakistan Navy divers.

This documentary is exclusive, unique, and important in that it attracts the attention of our people to our marine resources and informs them that we are also very lucky like other nations to have a beautiful sea.
Source: The News