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Gender equality

Thank you for a prompt and articulate editorial (Dec 18). Indeed, knowledgeable readers should be encouraged to write more on such subjects of national import in your weekly section, Encounter.

In a straightforward reading of the scriptures (3:195; 4:124; 16:97; 33:35) gender equality can only be taken as unmistakably and cogently asserted. However, scriptural guidance also cautions that the divinely-designed ‘architecture’ of men and women has been so put together that it lends itself more naturally to roles and primary duties envisaged for the statistically significant majorities of either ‘sex’. Nevertheless, this, in no way, bars women — transcending their reproductive function — to step into domains dominated by men traditionally if they — as is happening in many occupations today, and admirably so — have the potential, and are so inclined, without jeopardizing their divinely-assigned functions in a balanced family unit.

Indeed, if done with maturity and good sense, it can promote the attitude of helpfulness and enhanced economic well-being in a family unit. This will be very much part of purposeful and contented societies in the future.
Source: Dawn