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Gang-rape victim tries to end life

By A.B. Arisar

UMERKOT: The post-traumatic fallout of the gang-rape victim continues to hark back forcing her to attempt suicide, besides ruining her health as she has become insomniac, restless and teary-eyed and suffers from constant headache and body ache.

The family of the girl hailing from Khipro are in sheer dilemma over the ghastly act wherein four boys not only deflowered her but captured the heinous crime on their mobile phones which later was posted on the Internet, for all to watch.

An uncle of the 15-year-old girl said that twice she tried to hang herself with the ceiling fan but the family saved her, but how long. The dejected man said that though his niece was under the care of a psychiatrist and a gynaecologist but her condition seems status quo, probably because of the shame she might be feeling after the posting of appalling incident on Internet.

He said that this case was more grisly than that of Mukhtaran Mai because of the guts of victims to make it a public property.

The heinous episode has destroyed the girl socially, physically and mentally, he said besides stalling her educational progress.

Parents of the girl told Dawn that they were trying their best to convince her to forget the incident but everything freshens when media and people ask her questions. They appealed to all to let their daughter come out of this nightmare by keeping their questions to themselves as it was not letting her forget the episode for a moment and was constantly torturing and humiliating her soul.

Even after the appeal of parents, media personnel and human right activists visited the victim who could not utter a single word without shedding tears for she has lost her smile, education and friends. Her life is now a curse for her, she said.

She sought exemplary punishment for the accused which may provide her some solace.
Source: Dawn