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Freedom of press & society

WHEN we were growing up during the days of Gen Zia, we were told that freedom of the press meant that it contributed to removing evils from society and that it was important for intellectual development of a society.

I started believing that a change in society can be brought about without this very important ingredient. However, listening to some very prejudiced anchors and presenters today, I wonder whether freedom of the press has contributed much to society. In cross-questioning guests over a particular topic, they tend to forget their manners and become rude and ruthless. I certainly would not want my children to listen to such blinkered anchors as, in the garb of presenting analyses, play on the minds of the viewer and feed in wrong ideas.

With martial law in place through our entire childhood, one heard how voices are suppressed; that wrongs or evils of society could not be brought to the fore due to lack of freedom of the press. But what kind of freedom of press is this?


Source: Dawn