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Freedom of choice

Sir: I am writing in reference to Mr Umar Tariq Chowdry’s letter, ‘Freedom of choice’ (Daily Times, March 13, 2011). He commented on Justice Deedar Hussain’s removal from the post in NAB, and his ‘right’ to affiliate with any political party.

It seems that the writer has some wrong perception and knowledge on the issue, which needs to be corrected. Many others who might be thinking on the same lines should also correct themselves on this issue.

Irrespective of whether one has the ‘right’ to have political leanings, or even affiliation, the people holding public offices – those who are in service of the state and take salary from the government directly – are not allowed to have any declared or known affiliation with any party whatsoever. This is because they have to work beyond and above any political affiliations, with complete neutrality.

Also, under the given specific law, people holding any public office or public job, having political affiliations, is a legally punishable misconduct. Only those who have the right to form trade unions and have access to labour courts can have affiliations with political parties through their forums. Though there is no act as yet in this regard, yet the president of the country should also be above all political affiliations on the same grounds.
Source: Daily Times