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FO condemns attack on Hamid Mir

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ISLAMABAD: While the Defense Ministry wants to ban Geo and Jang Group newspapers, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Thursday showed some compassion when it condemned attack on Hamid Mir.

At the weekly media briefing, the spokesperson was reminded that the US State Department, Reporters without Borders and the Amnesty International had condemned the brutal attack on known anchor Hamid Mir.

“I don’t think anyone in this room or outside would condone what happened in Karachi. We condemn the attack on Hamid Mir and wish him a speedy recovery,” the spokesperson responded in a room full of working journalists from Pakistani’s print and electronic media.

The spokesperson also advised Pakistanis to focus on the country’s internal issues before commenting on foreign institutions.To a query about “provocative” statements by the Indian and other international media houses (who have merely carried statements by Mir’s family who pointed finger at a particular Pakistani institution) on the life attempt, the spokesperson replied: “As regards the negative reporting, obviously there is a tendency to indulge in propaganda against Pakistan.

You talked about the negative propaganda in the Indian media; it has not surprised us. It should not surprise anyone.”As regards the international media criticising our institutions, this is baseless. We all need to focus on our internal issues, before we start commenting on institutions and situations in other countries”.

IRAN: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will be visiting Iran before May 15 at a time. The spokesperson said high-level interaction and engagements were continuing to make it a substantive visit which would include senior Iranian officials visiting Pakistan.

“The Iranian interior minister is likely to visit Pakistan. The dates are being finalised. It is not true that it was scheduled and then cancelled. The dates have not been finalized as yet. The visit is likely to take place, probably before the prime minister’s visit to Iran,” added the spokesperson.

KASHMIR: Elections taking part in the Indian Occupied Kashmir are not an alternative to the exercise of right to self-determination by the people of Kashmir.“This is the position of the United Nations Security Council resolutions as well that any elections in the Indian Occupied Kashmir are not an alternative to the exercise of Kashmiris right to self-determination,” explained the spokesperson.

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