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FM radio broadcasting provocative programmes in Chitral

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CHITRAL: The representatives of the Agha Khani Ismailis and Kalash community have criticised the government for its failure to take action against the operators of an FM radio station in Chitral, which, they alleged, was broadcasting provocative programmes.

Elders of Ismaili sect and Kalash communities held separate meetings with the Commissioner Malakand Division Afsar Khan during his visit to Chitral district. Elders of the Ismailis led by Sultan Mehmood deplored that Ismailis were being branded as non-Muslims, which was an injustice to them as the Pakistan movement was led by Ismailis.

The Ismaili leaders including Saib Nadir, Zuhran Shah and Amir Muhammad said the situation would not have aggravated had the government taken stern action against the FM radio operated by the outlawed Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) leader Maulvi Fazlullah in Swat in the past.

“Even now an FM radio is airing hate contents but the administration has turned a blind eye,” one of the elders informed the commissioner.They said the police had created more panic among the people by asking them to restrict their movement and change vehicles while travelling to other places.

“After the video was made public, a cop came to our area and asked the villagers to vacate a home for accommodating the policemen, who would come to protect the community. “He [the cop] also demanded the locals that they would provide food to the cops,” Amir Muhammad informed the senior officer.

However, he said, the most pathetic was the advice to the community to purchase weapons for their protection. “Providing security to us is the responsibility of the government. We are peaceful people and do not know wherefrom to buy the weapons,” he said.

The commissioner directed Deputy Commissioner Shoaib Jadoon to hold a meeting with the police high-ups and take steps for addressing the grievances of the people.He also issued directives to summon the officials of the FM radio station and warn them not to air hate material or else take action against them.

The commissioner told the Kalash community elders that the video was made two years back. He assured them that stringent security measures had been taken for their protection.He said that checkposts along the Afghan border had been established and Chitral Scouts, army soldiers and police were patrolling all the routes and mountainous areas.The divisional commissioner also agreed to the proposal of constituting joint peace committee comprising the Sunnis and Ismailis.

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