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Floods to take half a month more to recede

ISLAMABAD/QUETTA: As authorities evacuated more towns and villages, the Meteorological Department warned on Wednesday that floodwaters would not recede fully until the end of August.

Senior meteorologist Arif Mahmood said existing river torrents were still heading to Hyderabad and Sukkur and could yet cause more floods. But he said there were no heavy rains forecast this week.

“This is good news for aid agencies involved in the rescue and relief operations,” he said.

Meanwhile, authorities warned residents of Shehr Sultan in Muzaffargarh of imminent flooding, and ordered them to evacuate the area.

According to a private TV channel, Shehr Sultan is surrounded by floodwaters on all sides and the water pressure on a safety embankment is mounting.

Flood devastation continued in Guddu Barrage to Sehwan Sharif, which has threatened many places.

Floodwater has washed away many archaeological sites in the area, including Lal Bagh and a century-old village, Sher Khan Solangi. Floodwater has also engulfed the village Amri.

Floodwater has also swept through Amrijodaro located in Dadu district. Amrijodaro is the site of a pre-Harappa fortified town, which flourished from 3,600 to 3,300 BC. Amrijodaro Museum has been devastated by the floods. The residents of Shehdad Kot started evacuating the area. Transporters are charging high fares from the flood victims, as transportation facilities are inadequate in flood-hit areas.

In Rajanpur, at least five members of a family drowned after their boat capsized near Kotlan Mughlan. However, an eight-month-old baby and her 10-year-old sister were rescued. The family was travelling in the boat after their home was inundated. However, the boat soon capsized. Rescuers present at a nearby camp were only able to rescue the two children.

Balochistan: Breaches in four canals, including the Pat Feeder canal, have been plugged in a bid to save Jaffarabad areas of Dera Allah Yar and Rojhan Jamali.

In-charge Flood Area Naseerabad, Jaffarabad Lt Gen Khalid Hussain said that breaches in four canals had been plugged to drain out the water from Dera Allah Yar and Rojhan Jamali.

He said the floodwaters posed no threat to Usta Muhammed and Jhal Magsi. Usta Mohammad city is still safe after local people built a protection dyke. However, thousands of people are still marooned in Ghandaka area.

In Usta Mohammad and Ghandaka,the road links and communication system has been severely disrupted. Kot Magsi and Bari Jah area of Jhal Magsi have also been affected by the recent flash floods.

The Kirthar Canal has been breached at six places, while the Saifullah Magsi Canal was breached at five places. Fresh breaches were also reported in Beghari Canal, which has aggravated the flood situation in Ghari Khairo and surrounding areas.

After the breaches in Beghari Canal, flash floods are moving towards Shadad Kot. Earlier floodwater from Sindh had done considerable damage in Dera Allah Yar, Hafizabad, Rojhan Jamali, Khanpur and on Wednesday it destroyed low-lying areas in Usta Mohammad.
Source: Daily Times