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First science studio for children opens in Karachi

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KARACHIYou may have learnt about good and bad conductors of electricity in fifth grade, but surely you have not become part of a circuit to physically experience it. The Dawood Foundation (TDF) is all set to offer such experiences with the launch of the first-of-its-kind TDF MagnifiScience Children’s Studio in Karachi.

The fourth floor of TDF building was abuzz with activities on Sunday. Brass, aluminum and zinc were placed at a table and visitors were asked to place one hand on a metal and the other on a circuit. The meter attached through wires showed how much current passed through which metal after passing through your body.  “This is how we teach children practically about good and bad conductors,” said Atifa Raza, a science teacher at TDF. By placing your hands on different metals, one realises that aluminum and brass are better conductors as compared to zinc, she added.

TDF Studio is a space where children can explore science, mathematics, technology, engineering and illusion with fun and hands-on activities and exhibits. It will also host programmes, discussions and events to promote creativity and innovation. The venue also has a café and a shop for visitors.

As you walk ahead, you’ll find an infinity door placed in the room, which is actually five-meters deep, but looks never-ending due to the placement of mirrors. Another installation, ‘Deep Well’, was similar. Hardly three inches deep, the descending stairs in the installation seemed to have an infinity effect.

This [effect] is brought about by the placement of mirrors which reflect and refract to create an illusion, according to Raza.

There was also a highlighter experiment room. A highlighter, Raza explained, has the ability to absorb and store energy of ultraviolet (UV) rays and these rays release bright light when exposed to back light. Hence, in simple terms, after the highlighter absorbs UV rays, if taken into a room without light, it glows in the dark.

Speaking at the launch event, TDF Chief Executive Officer Sabrina Dawood said that it has become important for us as a nation to rekindle the love of science in our children and promote critical thinking amongst them.

“The TDF Studio is built on STEAM [Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math] concepts that will foster imagination and creativity in young visitors in a fun-filled environment,” she said, adding that such learning spaces in Karachi are extremely important as they provide education in an entertaining manner. The launch event was attended by children from public schools and schools for person with disabilities. According to Raza, the studio is segmented into different themes: Propulsion/Forces, Mathematics, Mind Games, Pre-Engineering, Tinkering Studio/Design Lab, Acoustic and Sound, Health, Optical Illusion, Light and Energy. Each theme has various activities planned around its subjects, such as interactive exhibits and educational games.

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