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Financial Assistance for women approved

HYDERABAD, Oct 28: The DCO approved 23 cases of poor women for financial assistance from Baitul Maal/Zakat fund and 17 cases under food support programme.

He granted the aproval at a meeting with the manager of the Women Crisis Centre at his office here on Tuesday.

The DCO directed the centre manager to organize a seminar to motivate women for education and taking part in income and employment opportunities being provided to them in public and private sectors.

The DCO said that the government gave priority to development of women therefore a gender-based governance training programme had been launched with the collaboration of the UNDP for public representatives of local governments, particularly women councillors, to create good leadership at grass root level.

He said that NGOs could play a vital role in motivating women for increasing literacy rate among female population.

He called upon the centre management to launch projects of income and employment to make distressed women economically self-sufficient.
Source: Dawn