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Federal govt officers to own official vehicles from July 1

Hanif Khalid

ISLAMABAD: From July 1, 2011 thousands of federal government officers will become the owners of official vehicles currently under their use, The News has learnt. The book value of each vehicle will be given to the officer on monthly installments, to be deducted from their monthly salaries by the Auditor General of Pakistan Revenue.

The Federal Secretary of Finance, Dr Waqar Masood, disclosed this to The News in a one-on-one meeting at a function here.

In this regard, the federal government will shortly announce a comprehensive government vehicles transfer scheme being prepared by the Cabinet Division in consultation with the Finance Division, Establishment Division and concerned ministry.

Under the scheme, government vehicles will be handed over on a permanent basis to government employees who have been allocated these vehicles for the last several months and years. This scheme may take a few months to be approved by Cabinet but will stand implemented from July 1.

Responding to question, Dr Waqar said after the government vehicles were transferred, the drivers of the cars would be withdrawn and sent to the surplus pool. When asked about the number of government cars and other vehicles, he responded that their number was in the thousands.

The federal government will stop providing these cars with petrol/diesel and lubricants. Instead this would be the responsibility of the government officers receiving ownership of the cars. A special technical committee being formed for this specific purpose will adjust the depreciated allowance while assessing the transfer price of each car.

“The officer possessing the government car will have to get the car repaired from pocket,” Dr Waqar said. “For the maintenance of the car, the officer will be given Rs30,000-50,000 monthly as car maintenance allowance, purchase of fuel, pay of driver and all other miscellaneous expenses.”

Dr Waqar made it clear that no present driver of the government vehicles will be forced to lose his job but would instead be offered other available jobs equivalent to his education and experience in the same pay scale.

The government will have no responsibility of the cars transferred to the officers on monthly installment basis. “With this scheme, the misuse of government cars, government petrol/diesel/lubricants, filters, spare parts etc of the cars will be forever checked,” Dr Waqar said.
Source: The News