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Federal Government Spent Rs16 Billion on Media Ads Over Five Years, Senate Informed

Pakistan Press Foundation

In a Senate session on July 5, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting revealed that over the past five years, the federal government has spent Rs16.068 billion on advertising across various media platforms. This information was presented in response to Senator Sarmad Ali’s query regarding government advertisements’ distribution criteria and financial details.

According to the details shared, print media outlets received Rs9.48 billion, most of the total expenditure. Electronic media accounted for Rs6.58 billion of the advertising spend.

Minister for Information and Broadcasting Attaullah Tarar provided insights into the allocation process. He noted that while there is no specific criterion for assessing the eligibility of electronic media for advertising, a ratings-based system managed by a rates committee determines the allocation, aiming to optimize the reach and impact of government communications.

“The focus is on maximizing the efficacy of our communication by reaching the widest possible audience,” said Tarar. He emphasized that the allocation strategy helps the government effectively convey its messages through widely viewed channels and publications.

The minister assured that the current government has not halted advertisements to any news channel. He also mentioned the role of the Audit Bureau of Circulation, which verifies newspaper circulation figures to guide the government in making informed decisions about where to place advertisements.

Furthermore, Tarar discussed recent fiscal measures affecting the media sector. He pointed out that despite imposing a 10 percent duty on imported paper for newspapers in Budget 2024, this duty was later waived to relieve newspapers’ financial pressures.

Concluding the session, Tarar called for a review and enhancement of the advertisement policy better to serve the evolving needs of the media landscape. He invited Senator Ali and All Pakistan Newspapers Society representatives to contribute to a more refined and effective policy framework. 

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